August 17, 2007 (9pm): Malta Arts Festival
Ithaki is screened at the Malta Arts Festival. There is overview of the festival in The Times of Malta.

June 17, 2007 (8pm): Goethe Institute, Cairo
This event brought together Egyptian independent filmakers and bloggers. Reviews about the film appear on the following blogs: Inanities, Politikia and Society, and Khaled El Sawy.

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JohnPU said...

Dear Ibrahim,

I was fortunate to view "Ithaki" at the Trenton, New Jersey (USA) Artworks on 02 March 2008. Thank you for providing it to this community arts organization.

I am not a film maker, so cannot comment or appreciate enough your method of creating the film. Sounds like it was very spontaneous - which must be difficult.

Ithaki was very good at taking us into the heads of the characters. Also made me open my eyes more to "the journey."

I think foreign (to Egypt) audiences would enjoy more scenes of Cairo itself. I know this was not your objective, nor was Ithaki to be a travelogue -- but just an observation.

Thanks again for letting us view your work.

John Heilner
Princeton, NJ